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Building Envelope Asset Management Software

BEAM Advantage™ is a web-based, full feature database solution used for the management of building assets, maintenance, documents and contacts. Developed by a committed, stable software company in business since 1994, BEAM Advantage was created by a team of building professionals and experienced software developers over 20 years ago and has become an industry leader through continuous innovation driven by user feedback. Advantages include:

• Ability to consolidate information and enhance communication.
• Real-time entry, upload and access to data by all parties involved.
• Highly streamlines processes, saving time and costs.
• Functions on all mobile devices, allowing inspectors to take and organize photos in the field.


BEAM Advantage™ is the building envelope software used by professionals everywhere to save time and money while managing massive areas of building exteriors at thousands of sites and buildings.

Building Contractors


The complete building envelope Contractor Software solution!
  • Document work and generate reports on-site with your tablet or phone

  • Take and store photos of deficiencies and repair progress within the app

  • Easily produce work orders and instructions for your crew

Building Consultants


Scalable Building Consultant Software!
  • Generate proposals with built-in cost estimating tools

  • Automatically include photos and charts in reports and client correspondence

  • Maintain contact with clients with built in CRM features

Facility Managers

Facility Managers

Specialized Facility Management Software!
  • Project remaining facility asset life and repair costs

  • Easily report problems, then coordinate repairs

  • Track current and past warranties

  • Prioritize work and maintain contact with your preferred contractors

BEAM Advantage Features:

Data on a Touch Pad
  • Easily Tailored To Customers' Needs

  • Increased Sales & Efficiency

  • Easy Data Exploration

  • Superior Tech Support

  • Work From Anywhere (100% Cloud-Based)

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