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BEAM Advantage™ Features


BEAM Advantage™ provides all the features you need to manage your building data.  These features are designed to save building professionals time and money.  Our program is easy to use, affordable and designed to provide the best value in the industry.

Additionally, we provide support from our Charlotte, NC office.  You can use BEAM Advantage™ anywhere because it is cloud based. It is compatible with iOS or Android, Mac or PC, SmartPhone or Tablet. This page lists just a few of our most popular features. 

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Client Portal


Give your clients FREE real-time access to their documents and data and ability to request service.

  • FREE Unlimited Interactive client log-ins

  • Real-time 24/7 web-based access to data, budgets, reports, photos, drawings, warranties and other documents

  • Request Service and report leaks as part of a closed loop repair order system

  • Enhances communication

  • Fine grain access control

  • Add your logo to the Client Portal and all invoices and reports for FREE

  • Attracts and retains clients

Roof Client Portal.jpg
Client Portal
Asset Management
Roof Selection & Installation
Building Envelope Asset Management

  • Decision support tool that provides a systematic and consistent method of: 
    > Assessing building conditions 
    > Selecting items for repair and/or replacement   
    > Prioritizing work based on maximizing benefits while minimizing costs
    > Generating and assigning work orders 
    > Preparing proposals and building survey reports instantly

  • History Tracking - leaks, deficiencies, repairs, photos, drawings, warranties, site plans and other documents in one centralized database

  • Budget Forecasting auto adjusted for inflation as time frames get moved

  • Warranty Tracking

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Interactive Client Portal with Closed Loop Repair Order System

  • Export your data and analyze it with Microsoft Excel

Service Management
Computer with Graph
Service Management

  • Never lose a repair ticket

  • Photo documentation of before and after repairs

  • Budget vs Actual Cost tracking

  • Pro-active maintenance planning, scheduling and budgeting

  • Quality Assurance Reporting is a snap with email and pdf templates

  • Free interactive client portal offers a report a problem / leak module for closed loop repair tracking

Documet Management
Document Management

  • Centralized, permanent, unlimited, storage of all your roofing related documents and data

  • Any file format

  • Photos and Aerials, Plans and drawings

  • Warranties easily found / saved within the roof sector to which they pertain

  • Other documents (invoices, proposals, special reports, etc.)

  • Consolidates information — providing more visibility across the organization and with your clients

Inspection Reports
action items by timeframe.png
Building Inspection Reports


A picture is worth a thousand words...


Choose BEAM Advantage evaluation software to get the most complete building envelope inspection reports.  BEAM Advantage allows you to keep track of penetrations, layers, construction materials and general construction information.


  • Document inspections and repairs and upload / label photos real-time on location.

  • Produce inspection reports instantly from the data you have already input and uploaded into BEAM Advantage.

  • Pre-loaded reports are branded with your logo.  We can also add completely customized reports to match your exact formatting specifications.

  • Reports can be printed, saved and emailed or dynamically generated by you and your clients real time via the client portal.



Complete tasks

Get organized, and get the job done!

The NEW Tasks features help you list the specific steps needed to complete projects and manage your business.

  • Associate tasks with existing repair projects.

  • Assign responsibilities.

  • Estimate completion time frames and percentages.

  • Break large tasks down into sub-tasks.

  • See ongoing tasks on your dashboard, or review all tasks in a filterable grid.

Globalization concept
Mobile Solution

Go Mobile! Have real-time information at your fingertips and the ability to document inspections /repairs and upload / label photos real-time from anywhere!


Our mobile roof asset management software is device agnostic, which means it is designed to be compatible across most operating systems and devices without any special adaptations. Regardless of your device i.e. iPhone, Android, iPad, Android tablet, Mac, or PC, BEAM Advantage Mobile is optimized for your use while on the roof and in the field.  Included for FREE with your BEAM Advantage subscription.


  • Find phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses for all of the people and places in your BEAM Advantage database while you're on the road or on the roof!

  • Document inspections / repairs and upload / label photos real-time while on-site.

  • Find buildings and sectors with complete photographic, drawing, warranty and work order histories to help connect the dots while on-site!

  • Answer questions on the spot and make informed decisions faster.

Content Management
Contact Management


  • ​Complete tool for documenting communications with clients, prospects, vendors, etc.

  • Schedule follow up communications and tasks

  • Quality Assurance Reporting is a snap with email and pdf templates

  • Fully integrated email

  • Accessible from BEAM Advantage Mobile, which is optimized for your use while on the roof and in the field.

  • Have access to all your data and communications on the spot.

Additional Features:


  • ​Superior Technical Support

  • Easy Data Exploration

  • Easily Tailored To Meet Your Needs

  • Building Inspection Checklist

  • Building Maintenance Program

  • 100% Web-Based

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