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Building Envelope Inspection Software


Report deficiencies, take photos, and estimate repair costs without leaving the site! BEAM Advantage runs on any internet-connected mobile device, allowing you to input and edit data anywhere you do business.

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No Calculator Required

BEAM Advantage's database automatically recommends a repair method and calculates cost estimates based on found problems and the type of asset you're inspecting. Easily modify individual cost estimates and repair recommendations within the editor, without needing to adjust system settings.

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Camera Ready

Easily upload photos of deficiencies and associate them with action items. Instantly take pictures from within the application, using your device's camera. Take and store as many photos as you need with unlimited storage!

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Show and Tell

Instantly generate reports of found problems, including descriptions, estimates, and photos. Print, email, or simply save reports for clients to view in the free client portal.

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Get the Job Done

Quickly assign found problems to repair projects. Easily add action items to repairs, or edit items already assigned to a project. Use the dashboard to quickly see unfinished repairs, and find overlooked action items.

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